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Author's Ramblings: Null Hypothesis - Brainstorm Division [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Author's Ramblings: Null Hypothesis [Sep. 4th, 2004|11:10 am]
Ninja Pirate Mafia Force


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Click the cut tag for ramblings on Null Hypothesis. Want context clarified, or find out where the hell it falls on the timeline, or what it represents? Check it out.

Like so many stories, this one was almost completely off the mark from where it should've been. This was supposed to have been a story about Jon's gradual acceptance of Stephen's pivotal role in his own life, and the realization that he's not as in love with Will as he thinks he is. It was also supposed to have been an introduction to the theme that science doesn't have all of the answers, but that got glossed over.

In terms of timeline, this story spans from a few weeks before the discovery of Iku through the first days after Jon gets blinded. Amsterdam isn't mentioned, partially because I still don't know how the hell Amsterdam is going to play out. That leaves the story with a huge gap in the middle, because Amsterdam was a pivotal moment in the team's history. Rewrites are in the future!

I'm less pleased with Jon's characterization than I thought I would be; he turned into Will when I wasn't looking. (Tal? You wanna go in and do damage control?)

There were a lot of little "bits" that I had scribbled down that never made it into the story, but that I would like to include somewhere in the grand scheme of Jon&Stephen. I would like there to be an incident when the team is in an airplane and they manage to achieve zero G's (thus implying that gravity doesn't always work), and how Jon gets very unhappy with the idea that one of the universal constants doesn't always work. The next observation that follows that is that Stephen is, as always, himself. Stephen, at least to Jon, is more constant than science, and that's ultimately why he gives into his feelings for Stephen. Jon's had a rough life with too many variables and not enough control groups, which makes him think that he'd be better suited with Will, but that's not the case at all. In the end, he and Will would end up murdering one another, but Jon and Stephen are compatible.

I really wanted the story to end with the two lines: "Jon doesn't believe in love, but he does believe in Stephen." It didn't work with the ending, but those two lines are staying archived.

If the story can stand to be a little longer, I do have a coda of sorts, following Jon and Stephen after Jon's little incident. That will probably be posted separately in a very unclean and unpolished form.

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