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Holy Tears - Brainstorm Division [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Ninja Pirate Mafia Force

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Holy Tears [Sep. 26th, 2004|04:30 pm]
Ninja Pirate Mafia Force


More music ramblings! Will they ever cease, you ask? No! Of course they won't!

Wrapped inside a twisted world
I can't decide what is even real anymore
as though I ever knew
Tangled in these silhouettes
floating face down in a river of regrets
and thoughts of you

Holy tears
they linger on
Holding you
my light
forever gone

You believed she'd never leave
Rosy cheeked and oh so young
and full of flame
Here in this bed of emptiness
Button by button I come undone
and only twenty-one

Holy tears
they linger on
Holding you
my life
forever gone

Gone like the broken words at your feet
You're gone in the venom lips that kiss me sweetly
Gone like a frightened bird into the sky
Won't you take everything I ever had
and leave me to die as I cry

Holy tears
they linger on
Holding you
my love
forever gone.


For me, this is Claire/Will, right spot on. This is a Claire/Will vid waiting to be made. Thoughts?